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ALT-imate Shortcuts in Davinci Resolve

A wise man once told me:

The ALT key is well useful init mate!

The wise man was correct. The ALT key is a remarkably useful little 'modifier' within Davinci Resolve. Need to duplicate something on the timeline? ALT KEY! Want to add some keyframes? ALT KEY! Want to be wealthier and better looking? ALT KEY! Okay maybe not that last one but the point remains.

So much so that I made whole video dedicated to showing you exactly how to make use of this sneaky little shortcut within the Edit page to speed up those edits:

To accompany this video, I've created some CHEAT SHEETS! We've got two, one for Windows and another for Mac users:


Save it as your desktop wallpaper, print it and stick it beside your monitor or even frame it (it'd look nice in that wedding frame your mother-in-law got you - just sayin') whatever you think will help get those shortcuts imprinted into your brain goop.

Personally I think these would look great printed on some kind of hot beverage container... *wink* *wink* more on that coming very soon!

Talking of hot beverages, if you did find any of this useful and want to say a completely optional, no pressure whatsoever thank you, you could always BuyMeACoffee here (seriously though, only if you want to!):

Found any more useful uses of the ALT/OPTION key?! Let me know! I'll be working on a few other shortcut videos over the next weeks too so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Thanks all. Take it easy.


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