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BesDio True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones review

These are currently on offer for limited time at only £32.99

Usually, I'd opt for over-the-ear headphones but they can be a little obnoxious and can get a bit too sweaty at the gym so I fancied grabbing a pair of small, Bluetooth headphones instead.

I searched Amazon and came across these BesDio headphones. Initially, I was skeptical due to the low price and unfamiliar brand but, after owning them for a few weeks now I must admit, I’m quite impressed.

The case is small and lightweight but surprisingly well made and the lid closes with a reassuring clunk. It offers great protection to your headphones and won’t open if it’s loose in your gym bag. On the rear of the case is the Micro-USB port used to charge, and on the front is a battery level indicator LED.

Open the case and you’ll find your two earphones. They’re also held in via magnets so again they won’t fall out or come loose on their own. Take the earphones out and they’ll automatically turn on and connect.

Initial connection is a doddle as they connected to my Google Pixel 2 straight away with no issues at all and I personally haven’t had any connection/disconnect issues. I’ve also used them with my laptop and Ipad Air2 without any problems at all. They have built-in memory so multiple devices can be stored.

In the box is a bag of different size and shaped buds and hooks. There are various shapes and sizes to try and they’re easy to swap over. It’s important to find the right ones for you to ensure comfort and a good fit.

If you’re using the hooks, put them in your ears and then twist them to lock them in. I personally use the hooks and they’re quite comfortable and stay in well. They’ve never fallen out when walking around town, or when running or rowing at the gym. However, they can come loose when lying flat (during bench press for example) so bare that in mind.

They're also IPX6 Water Resistant. You can't go swimming with them but they'll be fine in a downpour or a really sweaty session at the gym.

The sound quality is better than expected. They offer great seperation with good clarity, reasonable bass (for the size, don’t expect epic thumping basslines but they’re pretty good) and decent mids and trebles.

Volume is also good, they do start to distort if you push them too loud however, they’re generally loud enough for most environments. They don’t offer any noise cancelling but, the in-ear style does help to subdue some of the background noise.

Each of the earphones has its own button which you can use to skip tracks, adjust volume and answer phones calls etc. Tap for Play/Pause, press twice for volume (left = volume down, right = volume up), press and hold to skip tracks (left = previous, right = next).

You can also take out just one of the earphones and use them that way instead. I do this at work and in the car, listening to music via the right earphone only. The built-in microphone can be used to make and receive phone calls as well so they double up as a hands-free kit (great when driving).

Put the earphones back into the case and they’re automatically turn off and start charging.

The advertised battery life for the earphones themselves is 4 hours which is about right. I’ve used these for hours at work without them running out of juice so I think 4 hours is perfectly achievable.

I case is advertised as providing 25 hours which again, I think is achievable. I’ve only needed to charge my case once a week even with daily use.

Overall, I’m very impressed with these headphones. They sound good, are comfortable with a tight fit, have decent battery life, double up as a hands-free kit and at only £39.99, they are an excellent price.

Obviously there are better sounding, better quality headphones out there but at this price point, they're quite hard to beat.

Check them out on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2XSo8Hw


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