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K&F Concept Lightweight Backpack Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Finding a nice looking, adequately sized, well designed camera bag at a decent price is difficult these days. The nice looking, expertly designed ones are usually hideously expensive (I'm looking at you Peak Design) while the cheap ones are either grotesque, ill-designed and/or flimsy (or all of the above).

So when I first laid my eyes on the K&F Concept Lightweight backpack back in June 2018, I was pleasantly surprised. It felt well made and sturdy, looked nice enough and had an assortment of nooks and crannies for cameras, lenses, tablets, laptops, memory cards and more. Plus, being from K&F meant it was reasonably priced too at a mere £45.

I picked one up and have been using it ever since! Behold, my K&F Concept Lightweight backpack review...

Lets start off by talking about the most important aspect of any bag which is how much stuff it holds. Well, the bag measures in at a 17” x 11” and consists of two main compartments; a smaller front compartment for laptops, tablets, accessories and a much larger rear compartment for cameras, flashes and lenses.

The main internal camera compartment is plenty big enough to hold 2 cameras and up to 5 lenses. It’s roughly 4.5” deep so it’s deep enough to hold most 35mm and 50mm lenses stood upright and full frame bodies and all the internal inserts are removable so you can reconfigure it until your hearts content (or in my case, you can remove them and your dogs steals them and attempts to destroy them).

You may struggle however, if you have a Battery Grip on your camera (or use a Canon 1dx etc) as the compartment may not be quite deep enough but for most, it will be plenty. There are also two small sleeved compartments (one of which is zipped) for memory cards and other small accessories.

In my own use, I’ve managed to fit a Canon 6D with 70-200 attached, Tamron 35mm, Canon 28mm, Sony A7 with 35mm, Sony 85mm, Mavic Air and Mavic Air Remote. It was snug, but everything was in.

It’s also worth noting that this main compartment is located at the back of the bag and there is no quick access panel. If you need to retrieve anything from this compartment you need to take the bag off completely. This will be a deal breaker for those that need quick access to their equipment however, it does make the bag very secure as your expensive gear is completely inaccessible while the bag is on your back. Which is more important to you, speed or security?

The front compartment comprises of two padded sleeves for tablets and laptops (up to 13”) and a mesh sleeve for accessories etc. It’s a decent size and will hold a Surface Pro and 10” tablet with ease. It’s well padded too. I've thrown this bag around quite alot on my travels and so far, everything has survived intact so i'm more than happy to vouch for the protection this bag provides.

Lastly there is a small compartment on the front of the bag for any additional smaller items and on the left side there is a very small side pocket for memory cards and an incredibly useful tripod strap/pocket. Fold out the pocket, slide your tripod through the strap and insert one of the tripod legs into the pocket, tighten the strap and you’re good to go. Simple, elegant solution.

The construction itself is also reassuringly solid. The Nylon feels thick and strong, there’s a rubberized section on the bottom to protect it when it’s on the ground, the zips are chunky, the padding both externally and internally is very thick and the whole bag holds its shape very well.

Oh and that rubberized section I mentioned? Well K&F advertise it as being 'Leather' but it's not. Unless of course, Cows have developed rubber skins since the last time I saw one.

With that said, the bag is not fully waterproof and it does not contain a rain cover. It’s water resistant and I’m sure it would do a decent job in a light shower but if you’re taking an actual shower, trekking through the rainforest or live in Wales then there are better options out there.

Keep it dry though and it’ll do a great job of keeping your gear safe.

Comfort is also excellent. The external rear panel is well paded and also vented to allow some ventilation. It works, to a point but can still get a little sweaty on hot days. The straps are well shaped and again well padded. Each strap has two levels of adjustment and there’s a front clasp to secure the straps across your chest for added stability.

All that shape/protection does come at a cost though and while not a heavy bag, it’s not quite as light as some of the other ‘lightweight’ bags I’ve used in the past. I personally am happy to forgo a few extra pounds for the additional protection but this will come down to personal preference.

Then there's the looks, which are obviously subjective and I’m not the most fashion-conscious guy in the world, but i actually think it looks alright. It's not massively stylish or fashionable but it's a nice shape, the colour is nice, it's not too big and it's somewhat subtle. It doesn't immediately scream 'Camera Bag!' either which to me, is really important.

Finally, there’s the price. As i mentioned earlier, it’s available for the grand total of £44.99 (or $79.99 of your fine American Dollars) which, in my opinion, is a bit of a steal.

As of 05/06/2019 it's currently available with an additional 5% off!

Overall, it’s an excellent, well thought out and decent-looking bag at a fantastic price. Yes, it has some drawbacks but overall I’m very happy with my purchase and more than happy to recommend it to others.

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Thanks for reading, Alex

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