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Want a Feelworld F5? Buy an ESDDI F5!

If you’re in the market for a budget friendly 5” 1080p external camera monitor then you’ve probably heard of the Feelworld F5. It’s a common choice amongst photographers and videographers alike looking for a decent but reasonably priced monitor solution.

I was in the market for one recently but before I pulled the trigger, I happened upon the ESDDI F5 (sound familiar?) and it turns out the ESDDI is simply a rebranded Feelworld F5 (as far as I can tell).

This is nothing new, many Chinese companies sell identical products under different names.

Curiosity kicked in and I decided to take a punt on it and it is indeed identical to the Feelworld. The screen, the mount, the button locations, the ports (including the rather dated Mini-USB port), the specs and even the UI are identical. Not to mention that even the model name is the same!

It's a thumbs up from me.

So far, not that interesting right? Well, the Feelworld is listed on Amazon for £159.99, while the ESDDI F5 is only £139.99. That’s a £20 saving on an already reasonably priced accessory!

But it gets better, the ESDDI comes with an additional HDMI to Mini USB cable, an F550 battery and charger in the box saving you an additional £20. Total saving of £40 so far.

And it gets better still as Prime users can now get an additional £20 off (valid until 30th June) saving you a total of £60.

£119.99 for a 5” 1080p monitor with sun shade, 2 x HDMI cables, mounting bracket, F550 battery and charger? It’d be rude not to really.

Buy it here: ESDDI F5 5" Full HD IPS Monitor

A full MrAlexTech review will follow however, if you’re in a hurry just look out for reviews of the Feelworld F5 and you’ll know what you’re getting.



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